Friday, January 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum. Praised be to Allah we can still meet for this entry. (Y)

It's 1 in the midnight and I just couldn't sleep. I'll be having my Microeconomics class at 8 o'clock and yet I didn't sleep. Classes are going pretty good since I thought it was never happened. I need to keep remembering myself that everything takes time.

Last day, I have spoken in front of the class for speaking. I don't know why I was so afraid when I did that. It's so weird because I never thought of getting this emotion though. Maybe this was a new air for me and I have to keep myself breathing.

I woke at 10 and rushed to go to college. I had classes started at 11. Honestly, I didn't prepare anything for my speaking. At last, in Statistics class my mind has gone everywhere looking for ideas about what I'm going to talk in my English class.I came for a topic. " People I hate the most ". How's that? I only took 3 characteristics for this and share it to everybody.

3 People I hate the most. ( I won't be mentioning the examples that I gave so that nobody will get hurt ).

First, a self-profess people. If you think that you're competent in ways, good enough to look at, have capabilities, or competitive, just stay in the way you are. But, if you don't. Please don't act like one. Otherwise, it's you who're going to humiliate your own self.

Second, a people who makes fun of me. Last-last post I have got it clear how you need to know there's a very thin line between making jokes and making fun of certain people.

" In case you did not notice, I'm not laughing ".
" You did notice I'm laughing is all the matters ".

The intonation goes like this.

" Kau ada nampak aku gelak ke? "
" Kau nampak aku gelak dah lah "

What the heck? I beg you to differ it.

Third, a over-the-hill people. I really don't like it especially girls out there. Please la. You don't even know how much I was puking when I saw you. The worst part is when they got see oh-so-hot boys. That such attitude lasts only for less than 3 days and nobody would bear with it. I bet you on this.

( All of that were just the idea what I was saying. Not exactly at all ).

I thought that's going to be a very lame story telling but I have got quite response from my classmates. Everybody was laughing so hard to see my reactions when I told them about my experiences. It was very good feelings though. HAHA.

I started with " A self-profess people " and everybody was like " PROFESS? PROFESS? ". I don't know how to explain what PROFESS is and Miss Shazni continued with " Self- proclaim ". Yea! That solved all the confusions. HAHA.

And I want to be a bit self-profess or self-proclaim here. I LOVE THE WAY I CLOSED MY SPEAKING!

I said ( This is so TRUE ).

" Despite all of these 3 I hate the most. Self-profess, Making fun of people, and Over-the-hill. Unfortunately I have to say that I have been self-professed, I have made fun of people, and I have been over-the-hill. The question mark is ' Do we realize that we are all of it? ' ".

Then, I went back to my place without saying Thank You. That was so rude. HAHA. Got a big round of applause too. Just kidding. Just a big clap and it's enough for me because I wasn't prepared anything.

I remembered how Miss was saying that I told something which I don't like and it reflects back to myself and all of us. It's just a good message to share with all of my classmates. So, I think I made it for this task.

Long Live Mamat. HAHAHA.

May Allah bless you and see on the next entry.
Salam and have a nice day!



  1. cis. ada pulak ayat long live mamat itu ye.

    doakan aku pulak wehh.

  2. mestila ade.. Okay, mesti kau buat l gempak dr aku.. =D