Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Does Respect Mean?

Assalamualaikum and praised be to Allah we could still meet for this entry.

Refer to the title above. I really thought that respect is just a word or something which does not have really exact meaning. I have totally mistaken about that. Respect is not just a word but it has millions of meaning in it.

If you want to ask me what word that I hate the most ( Yes, you won't be asking me and that's the point. HAHA ) and I would say it is RESPECT. I don't know because I never felt that way before. Now, it is one of the point I am turning back when anyone talks or mentions about it.

I turn back not because that I am rude or whatsoever la but now it tends to be the worst nightmare of my life. Serious thought, in fact I hate it because of certain reasons. For then respect meant everything for me. But now, it's useless.

One might wonders why I said that way? Did I ever want respect? Did I respect nobody?. It is tough to answer that kind of questions though. No, I respect everyone ( if you deserved to be respected ) no matter I will respect you in kind of ways.

The story begins here why I hate the word of respect.

I have been robbed! Should I be using vulgarities? Yes, but not in this entry. I have been robbed by a Malay guy. It's ashamed because he stated that he respects Malays and never have any intention to devastate Malays. How pathetic he was?

Okay, that's why I don't get along with ' RESPECT '. I was familiar with it but now it becomes a sarcasm for me to hear. I don't why because I have no specific answer for it. The thing is, it bothered me since I was robbed end of December '10.

I will be respecting you if you are deserved to have my respect but according to that story, I won't respect you if you behave such that way.

The opposite thing goes when if you respect me, just never mention it in front of me. Just show your respect will do. If you say " Mat, aku respect kau ". Ouh, I WOULD NOT BELIEVE IN YOU! This is so serious. It'd been my enemy since that.

I might leave you like that if you say that. And again, I don't know why. It might be a trauma or a paranoia to me. Just show your respect will do.Yes, it will do.

I'll be leaving you till this. See you on next entry. For the followers, I'll be following you back if I have time. I am quite busy now because of entering college ( again same reason, somebody please kill me. HAHA ). Thank you for following me.

Salam and may Allah bless you.
Have a nice day! =D

" I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask that you respect me as a human being "
- Jackie Robinson.

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