Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay2 Lah

Ting Tang! Assalamualaikum.

Woa! Entering semester 2 was just quite good enough. I'm not saying that I don't like it but it was quite okay. Or maybe I was just entering it less than a week and I didn't feel like over-the-hill.

I feel so stressed when I entered Section 6. Serious thought, I felt a bit anxious because that class was dead! I was planning to submit for other section but I couldn't. It's so weird for me if lecturers make jokes and my classmates didn't laugh.

I remembered on my FAR150 ( Financial Accounting II ) class on last Thursday. My lecturer made a very tremendous joke and I was the one who laughing so hard. Then, everybody was looking at me. Ohh come on! She made the most precious jokes and of course I'll be laughing. Everybody seemed like afraid to laugh. What la?

On last week, I have made my decision to switch section and I didn't make it because it's hard to anybody in only Section 6 to do that. I don't know why but it has stated by our UiTM organization. So, I was like " Ohh, okay ". Actually it's really a heartbroken.

The reasons were every time they asked me what was my section and I answered " Section 6 ", they were like ;
" Woa! DL class ".
" Smart boy boleh lah ".
" Giler lah kau ".

The thing is, you never know how do I feel in that class. I am stressed when I don't even talkative like before. I need to laugh in classes. Nevertheless, I really really have to tiptoe to understand on what lecturers have taught so that I'm not get kicked ass by anybody. This feeling you never know and I wish you to have it in future.

Getting to this class makes me losing my confidence like 100%. Why do I say like that? It's because everybody has got their golden mind and apply them like 100%. I was never nervous when do the talking. Maybe yes sometimes but in this class, presentations make me feel like puking.

I just hope I can get to live my soul here.

But, I do have several people who have given me their support and made me feel like I have to stay in this class. Amirul ( my housemate ), Aisyah and AJ ( former classmates ). Thank you for always standing by my side and giving me strength to stand still.

I have started my classes. I know everybody was pieced with timetables. Chill la if you want to get satisfied with your results. Apparently, I wasn't too because every day got to prepare from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yes, every single day. Not for Fridays. HAHA..

I hate the feeling when I started comparing this lecture with my past lecture. For me, it's unfair. But, it's the common thing when us do comparing. But hey, my Microeconomics lecturer's awesome. And I think, I start to fall in love with that subject. I need to love business like seriously.

Last, Aisyah. You did think about to change section, did you? Answer me. HAHAHA. No la. I understand because not only us wanted to switch. A bunch of them. And thank you for mentioning my name in your blog. Even you did small-font it. I feel like flying. HAHAHA. Just kidding.

Hope I can be more confident.

May Allah bless you guys and have a nice day!.
Salam. See you on the next entry.


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