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Hello and a very good evening for all the readers. Nice thing to happen is that we still could meet for my new entry. I don't care if you're reading this or not but for me, greeting you is a must. And by the way, please read my blog. I really mean it. Just kidding. No, read it!

I will always imitate someone for enhancing my English language. This attitude so worthy for me because by imitating someone, I will know how to use a proper ones. But it's very narrowly to find those people consider that lots of people now are not using them when they're talking.
But, I don't want to talk about how I used to talk or whatsoever related to it. For this moment, I would like to share with you guys certain people that I love to hear when they're imitating celebrities or other accents.

I have one boy in my class ( currently in my class ) that loves to imitate accents. He loves to imitate or it's just me like to hear he imitates accents. He can imitate very well for real Britain, Australian and American accents which I think really good and blast. I want to imitate but I just can't.

Sometimes, imitation can lead us to be more confident when we are going to overseas. But for me, when I am traveling to anywhere ( if it happens la kan ), I just want they could understand what I am trying to say. Besides, my accent is superb. It really does, okay. You better say yes and you should, people.

I have read my friend's blog how not-so-clever people just use " I YOU I YOU " in their talk and apply them. Can you stop this stupid attitude. From my experience, people who use this way are not good in English but just have an intention to show how great and cool they are.

Do they think that they are like the hot stuff that need to be looked up for? Ohh, there is no in ways I will say that. It really makes me feel like puking. Let I put it this way so that you know how much I hate it.

1. They're not so good in English.
2. Generally, they have lots of grammatically errors.
3. Obviously, when it comes to formal speaking, they talk trash.
4. They make people to get nauseous.

As you see. I am totally different when you see me face to face. I talk in English when I have to. And I know that my vocab and grammar are not very good either. That's why I still learn and never try to show off.

I'm writing English in my blog because it's the only way for me to have my confidence to write when I come writing on examinations. But I do believe I had made mistakes in my blog but at least I have tried my best. People tend to do mistakes but I think what I know is that I never used " I YOU I YOU " in my life. I used it maybe for imitating or making fun of somebody.

My suggestions are first, you HAVE to stop this thing. Second, go get a real English book and learn. Third, find a teacher to guide you and make sure the teacher does not using language like yours. Fourth, try your best to talk formal and never have any intention to show off. I hope you apply them.

I also read novels to learn English because I know that I am still drowning when everybody tries to use bombastic words. So, I have my own way to learn it and it's not just like using " I YOU I YOU ".

I am not making up a fight or trying to intimidate you but I just don't like it.

So, have the right way to talk. Get rid off that attitude because this is the new era. You have to know English so that you can communicate with others.

I am not saying that English is the number one language. Malay language is the surest for us and it remains at the top. But English is important though. I still talk Malay. Go and ask my friends because I talk in Malay like 24/7. I know it's my own language but I never combined English and Malay together like certain people did.

Lastly, Faz I love your blog. Go and update. I will try to give my opinions on what you've been updated. You go girl! Go and update more please.

Credits to : anc-tech

Salam. =D

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