Friday, March 18, 2011

I Can't Be Tamed

Hello peeps! How are you doing today? Is it nice to be remembered or it's just a typical day that you will be facing all over again? I guess you have the answer since you're the one who faced it ( what a good introduction and where is your thesis statement, Mamat? ). =D

As you see, I'm getting my mood here. To start back my life since I have embraced a lot of problems and not to mention about the examinations and the quizzes along by my side. It's definitely one of the busiest semesters I have ever had. Ehh, this is my second semester so why do I say 'semesters' like I am in the last semester? Huh. Don't care much about it.

I can't be tamed
is actually my friend's blog ( you can click on the link given ), Faz. I like her new post that stated that we don't really need to close to friends because someday, they will betray us. Not actually betray but it can be like frustrate, insult and disloyal.

With the title ' I can't be tamed ', well I guess it's like kinda catchy. When I try to translate it in Malay, it will be like " Aku tak boleh dijinakkan ". So, like I said it's catchy. Something I prefer to withstand if any trouble chases behind us. Yes, you need to stand up for yourself. So, needless to say, I like her blog. Go and have a look, people!

Besides, to be on the lost side like myself now, I need to stand up on my feet and tiptoe for some fresh air. For me, it doesn't matter if we really know exactly what is meant by friends.

I am so lucky enough to have friends that will always help me when I get caught with troubles or whatsoever. I do believe that a lot of my friends have waded the same troubles too which are frustrated, insulted, gained weights and etc. For knowing how to overcome those is all the matters. You just need to know the techniques and how to apply them in this very life.

I would have wanted to find a friend who has exactly attitudes, interests and similarities with myself. But yet, I have found a little of them. I still be thankful to Allah for giving them to me because at least when I had my bad time, they are guaranteed to make me smile in any kind of ways. That made my day actually.

If I am not giving one, I would have been gone for years. I still need friends and whatever that is, I will be forever need friends. Even though I know that I am not good enough to be friend with and always get you guys caught with my problems.

And if you want to be my friend, I have never said or put a statement that you need to follow my rules or my regulations. Just tend to not get me wrong will do. Is it very hard? I don't think so. It's easy to understand and apply.

And ( once again ) I have never made a statement if you don't want to be my friend, you need to badmouth me and leave me with suffers.

One more thing I need you to know, I have a big ego. That's it. Agree or disagree is the answer you need to find out.

Goodnight, Salam.


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  2. i think that's why i feel scared and cannot be a good friend for you.
    you keep telling about your 'real me' which makes me think that you are a phsycotic :p
    mamat is good man laaa.

  3. haha.. maybe i was wrong but for having you as friend is such a great thing. Psychotic? happens sometimes though but not too extreme and not so good like you were thought.