Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes, Trish Stratus Returns

Trish Stratus
Ohh Please! She is soooo beautiful!

I have looked up on my blog which post has been viewed the highest for this month and it was this.

John Morrison and Trish Stratus
Yes, Trish Stratus has returned for over a month. Just in case you want to know why she is back because she is going to be one of the trainers for WWE Tough Enough. She will be training the new breeds who are going to be a pro wrestler in the future and this show is probably looking for the best superstars or divas.

And just in case you don't have any idea who Trish Stratus is, let I tell you some. She is my former girlfriend ( she has a crush on me, =D ). LOL. I am kidding! She is obviously my favorite diva of all time.

Okay. she is the greatest woman wrestler in world history ( this is not a joke ). Anyone ( WWE fans ) knows that she has done amazingly in her career and made the divas division to be at the top along with other great divas like Lita, Victoria and Molly Holly. My thought is as Trish spent more time in the ring, her wrestling skills and popularity strengthened. This proves when she retired after winning her seventh time WWE Women's Championship ( the most in WWE history ).

You must be vomiting to see why I am so over with her. HAHA. I'll admit that I get a little bit obsessed. Trish has her own charisma. No wonder I will be over-the-top when I watch her matches. Trish has changed my life ( puking ).
No, I am kidding but real talk is when the first time I knew her, I felt something on her. Well, probably she is charismatic and she has a real personality. Her brawn and beauty took my breath away. PUKING!

I want to share something, Trish is one of the main reasons why I learned English at the first place. It was like something needs to be followed about her when she wasn't yet retired. Of course about her wrestling career, life and so much more. She's simply good and flawless for me that I could not describe more.

" I will make sure that every time I go out there, I am making an impact " - Trish Stratus

And this proves why she reigned most for the Women's title and achieved a lot of achievements that supposed to be proud of for WWE fans. She is not only pretty but she is also a smoking hot brawler.

Click for bigger view ( proves that Trish won PWI for 4 years ).

Trish had 2 matches and lost for both of it. But, she is guaranteed to have a match at the biggest stage ever,Wrestlemania 27 that will be held at Atlanta, Georgia on April 4 2011. She with her partners, John Morrison and Jersey Shore's Nicole ' Snooki " Polizzi ( reality TV icon and New York best-selling author ) will be competing against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool.

I am looking for this match because I know it's going to be blast and awesome. Even though I have classes on that day, I won't come just to watch it.

It is so freaking darn fantastic to see my savior along with my heroin to team up together and kick ass. I can give you a promise that they will win this no matter what and no matter how. I become a WWE fan now for almost a decade and I am 100% sure for their victory over opponents.

Trish has said once then " Stratusfaction is the surest way for me to win " I think I will get stratusfied by her.

Last thing to finish this post, I will not going to college attending classes. If anybody notices I am not there, this is the reason and count me watching WWE Wrestlemania 27 live event at home. I hope miracle happens again.

Goodnight and Salam.


  1. LOL.....
    sbb WWE ko nk miss klas camtu je.....
    mat, mat....
    hahaha...... enjoy je la!!!!

  2. hahaha.. sayang la lepaskan perlawanan Trish.. aku da la minat die..