Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is My Blog

Good Evening everyone. How are you doing today? Well, for this very evening I just want to let you guys know about my haters. So, let us have this entry going, shall we?

Make a blog is not an easy job. Thanks to my brother, Irfan for making this blog for me. Making a blog means you have so many problems to face or look up to. For me, I really don't mind if I face problems or whatsoever. As long as I know that I'm not irritating them in generally.

Problems that I face for having are;

1. Mat, kau taknak ke tambah duit gune blog kau?
   ( Mat, do you ever wanted to make money by blogging? ).

No, let it be like this. I made a blog just to satisfy myself. I am not going to critic or blame anyone that puts whatthehell commercials on their blog but seriously it takes much time for loading the page. Besides, I don't think it's so PROVERBIAL to put them. Sorry if I hesitated you for adding them into your blog.

2. Your blog is not cool at all!

HAHAHA.. This is the most over-the-hill statement I have ever heard. Let me get one thing straight haters! Are you feeling that 'hot' when you read my blog? Am I asking you to read my blog? I guess not. So, you are the one who had a big problem on me. Instead, lots of my friends love to read my thoughts and ask me any idea how to make a blog like myself. And that's the fact and COOL. 

3. Your English is likely but not perfect.

I know my English is not very good. That's why I keep writing in English and I know I have to write for enhancing it. I guess you never heard the phrase " practice makes perfect " aren't you?. To keep things clear, ever since I used to write in English, I became more expert in it. I never had to score A in my UPSR, PMR and SPM but when I come to this level. I owned an A for this language. I am not trying to show off but I just want to say that I am proud of myself.

4. What is your point for writing in English. To show off?

Let me put it this way. I DO NOT talk in English in real life. If you don't believe me, you can stick with me. I am totally different in my real world. I only had the chance to write ( not talk ) when I'm blogging. And if I have been asked to talk, yes I will but my life is 99% Malay. Learn English is so hard for me. For someone like me who has wasted my school life by not learning it properly. I don't know about you because I'm indicating to myself.

5. I don't like your blog because it's in English. Sorry!

Am I asking you to read my blog? Am I asking you to like my blog? No! So shut the hell up and get a hell life, retard! Everybody seems to like my blog so go to the left, perv!

6. Do you forget our mother-tongue language?

Kau ingat aku tak tau ke macam mana nak tulis dalam bahasa Melayu? Aduh! Takkan la aku dah lupakan bahasa Kebangsaan. Aku berbahasa asing pun untuk memperoleh sesuatu. Kau ingat tak sakit hati ke bila tengok budak-budak yang lagi muda dalam LRT, bas awam, shopping mall fasih berbahasa Inggeris daripada kita. Malu tahu tak? Orang lain semua suka belajar bahasa-bahasa yang pelik. Tapi takkan la bahasa Inggeris yang lagi perlu untuk masa hadapan kau taknak belajar. Aku pun tak faham lah! Tu takpe lagi, ini sampai orang lain belajar pun kau tak suka. Pelik!

Where I did get all these problems and when did I get? Well, in my account. But luckily I didn't answer those because I don't think I have to get the questions up. I don't even care about it. 

And I do have some of my friends who wanted myself publishing about them so that they get mentioned. This is so true. See, that shows how best when I'm posting in my blog. I'm not bullshitting you about this. They are Aiman, Aina, Shiraz and so many more.

The thing is, you are the only one who hates my blog. So, better to say like you have absolutely nothing to do with this blog here. And then you realize how much of jackass you wanted to hate my blog. And better to say ( again ) leave and get your ass out of this blog.

Well, like everyone says, HATERS GONNA HATE!


  1. just let them be, mamat

  2. well..been there...hahaha..nothing wrong in learning..n nothing wrong in blogging in english..for those 'kolot' ppl..let them be..our religion didn't tell us to be like that..we have 2 improve..tang fesyen,bergaya smua nk up 2 date...bila org up 2 date on language,mula la dorg nk menyalak...

  3. mat, aku bkn nk tunjuk pandai tp ade ayat ko yg 'let I get this straight' tu patut nyer lte me....
    aku cume nk help ko better ur english....
    dont think ill of me....

  4. sorry for interruption, but I have heard a someone's song that had let i put it this way. So, i think it's not wrong at all. Sorry if i am mistaken.

  5. for all the research i have made. i think you're right.. it supposed to be let me.. thanks for you anonymous for letting me know.. thanks, i've changed it.

  6. that's what we call the process of learning mat, just let them be. they're so jealous of you.. your english is so cool.

  7. there you go mat...trish gonna be proud of this..HAHAHA,btw nice blog and 'nice' post..follow my blog k ;)

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