Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum. Before I get any comment such " Mat, don't you want to update your blog? " or something else that I might don't like to hear, I have to post a new entry and it will be now.

There are a lot of things happened lately. Maybe you are wading the same situation like myself too because I don't know how's going on with you and what's more about your problems. Ahh, don't think too much as all you need to do is by knowing how to overcome that kind of situations.

I had waded one of my toughest week in semester 2. This is for sure the most challenging week as assignments, quizzes and examinations are all my way. Even though it's tough, now I know how to manage and appreciate my life even more than what I have applied before.

First thing I want to share is about this amateur girl, Jasmine Slalu Hepi. It has been spread like very fast on social-networking, Facebook. If you want to further your knowledge about her ( I guess you don't ), you can have a peek in my friend's blog, Irfan and Faz.

I was pissed for a while but when I read through the comments, lots of facebookers stated that we should have ignored this pathetic girl. It has no good reasons why we should piss. She's for sure looking for some publicity or anything else to put herself into the spotlight. Hey girl, it's not WORTHY if you want to know. You are the one who' looking for trouble. That's not even funny to post controversial issues such this.

How ashamed, how humiliating when everyone knows that you are just a sad bitch that needs attentions! And congrats because you have done your best to be popular ( which is exactly a tragic shit ). But, lucky for you I have posted something on your wall. You want to see it? Oh please, I'm begging ya.

TAADAAA. Surprise present for you. Learn more, okay?
For Muslims, just ignore this girl. Let Allah do His job. Sorry for vulgarities. I think you deserved it.

About two days ago, I have my new friend. Yea! It was the best feeling ever to have something that I will always look up to and play when I'm getting bored.

This is a surprise too for all the readers.

TAADAAA, A female guinea-pig named Piggy was born. Costed RM 100.

I bought it on last Friday. She's so cute and adorable. Well, to be honest I kissed her quite times when I feel like want to. She's so big. As big as my palm and sometimes, I have to hold her by using both my hands. And she smells awesome. Not like the other rats that crossed the road like 24/7.

I named her as Piggy and sometimes Gemok! When I called her Gemok, then there must be someone else saying " It's just the same with the owner ". I was like " okay, I get it ". HAHAHA.
Most of my members called her Ginny ( took from the word " guinea "). No matter what it is, I will be calling her piggy. Is that so much better? HUHAHA..

Another snapped pictures. :) No wonder this kind of animals is called guinea-PIG. Look at her ears. XD

 I will be taking care of her as good as I can. InsyaAllah. That's it for this time. I will be back on Monday after Trish's match and update about it. I know you will be puking. Thank you very mucho! Goodnight and Salam.

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