Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks To You and Happy Bday To Me

Hello and a very good evening to everyone there. Yes, I am pointing at you. And you. And you. How can I forget you. You too. Yeah! Back there. You and you. Why are you hiding your face? It's you as well. And you too, girl. Not forget about chaps there. Thanks for reading my blog. I know this is not one of your favorite blogs. Isn't it?

Is that title sarcastic you the most? Well, I think it is because there is nobody wishes his or her on birthday in their blog. Maybe I'm the first one, I don't know. I am officially 19 years old now. I am free and I can do whatever I want. You can't stop me! Wait, is 19 old enough to have my own way to live?  I guess so.

For this very post, I just want to talk about 3 things. I don't know if you guys might like it because all I want to give to you is a satisfaction, ;-). Yes, you can count on it. Okay, let us have this entry starting, shall we?

I just want to thank everyone who wished a birthday to myself. Praised it so much you guys still remember me now and then. I enjoyed myself today as I got lots of wishes from my family and friends. It's such a good thing to be remembered. Now, I am officially 19 so I guess I know how to make my own decisions. So, I am so glad how it turns me to be matured now ( although I know that it's not ). Of course I will take all the wishes and prayers you have given me. I'll try my best to apply them in my life. 

Instead of saying thank you like 24/7, I just hope this year will be huge and tremendous for me. There are things that I need to solve. For example, I'm planning to lose some weights as my friends complaining about my body figure now. HAHAHA.. Maybe by losing 5-7 kg will do. All it takes is determination. So, for those of you, I beg you to wait my transformation but you will be 100% shocked. It ain't joke! We'll see who's going on top. HAHAHA..

 I think this year is the most wishes I have received from the friends all over the globe. I'm not joking okay. There are some people who are not living here in Malaysia wished to me via famous social-networking, Facebook. Last year I got about 60 friends wished to me. ( look here ). For this year, there are over 150 friends to pop up my FB wall and cell phone wishing me a Happy Birthday. It's a good feeling. Yes, IT IS! Thanks to all of you.

I have made no resolutions for this turning 19 years old because I had noticed all my resolutions no matter during new year or whatsoever, it doesn't work. I don't know why and I have no specific idea about it. Maybe the resolutions were there but I didn't show up to give my everything to put in it. The main factor is maybe the confidence level. If you just think you can make the resolutions turn to be blast and fulfilled and yet your confidence are not there, it's a futile though.

It's not that I don't have any confident to own one resolution. I think I just keep it to myself what I really want in my life and not to tell anybody about it. It might not happen. I took a step ahead so that I don't feel any frustrating moment. The resolution is in me, inside of me but I won't let anyone knows about it. Like I said, I keep it to myself. In spite of letting anyone knows about it, I think most of you know what my resolution is. (Y)

It's so funny to get this part started. HAHAHA. I made something weird which I think it has not been done before. I called EVERYONE in my phone list and ASKED them to sing a Happy Birthday song to me. There is no exclusive for my friends. I called Malays, Chinese and Indians because I'm not racist  =D. 

They're so sporting and awesome. Even though there are bunches of them who are ashamed to sing, I just forced them to. I mean, come on. This is once in a life time maybe. So, I took this time to ask them to do so. Besides, it's not that hard to sing a song which any 4 years old kid can sing it well. I heard lots of voices just now. SOME are AWESOME and MOST are AWFUL! You need to work hard on your pitching. HAHAHA. Just kidding.

I think individuals who weren't picked up my call should have noticed I was going to ask them sing or some other reasons. I wonder or they knew about it before I called them.

Even I'm not keeping in touch with them like I used to but I could feel the pain and suffer when they sang a song. But, I don't even care. I just love it and I enjoyed every single lyric pronounced by them. Lots of voices means lots of accents. Accents equal to AWESOMENESS! Nothing much to say. I had enjoyed every little thing today.

I don't know why about 4-5 friends of mine stated that how sweet I did like that. For example, message sent by Eimie.
" Mat, comel gila kau td.. haha " ( Mat, how sweet you were just now.. haha ).
I'm laughing so hard because I never thought I'm that cute. HAHA. I spent about 3 hours to call everybody ( not exactly all ) to have their singing to me. What tickled me was they made a group choir back there as to support the main singer. It's a blast!

A special thanks to all the Facebooker especially non-Malaysian friends and to all the talented singers, you're great and please join reality shows. Such an enthusiasm voice! =D

Last but not least, I AM SATISFIED and IT IS SATISFYING. This is real deep inside of me.

Thank You very much. It's such a blast!

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  1. HAHAHA GILER AWESOME that you called everyone to sing happy birthday to you!! I'm SO going to do it on my birthday too hehehe

  2. Happy buffday!! mamaT!!!! ^^

  3. aku tau suare ak plg sedap kan mat?

  4. so sory not sing for you because im very busy that time..:)
    btw happy birthday my fren..:)

  5. tak guna kau suh aku nyanyi. hahaha yang "group choir" tuh asal tak rakam? haha

  6. Anis, try laa.. it's satisfying =D
    fadhilah, thanks XD
    chong liang, thank you.. =D
    ipan, hahaha.. amik2.. kau kan gerrard way.. =D
    amad, kau kate nk aku call aku balik. tipu laa..
    hudha, xsempat la.. aku syok sgt gelak2 mcm org gilaaa..

  7. Salam.jalan2 singgah sini..nice blog :)
    jom tengok sakura dekat blog saya^^

  8. whateveryournameis, sure will do.. =D