Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27 : Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Snooki Updated

They won the match!. See, how much I wanted them to win and they made it. To be honest, I was very sure that they will win the match because I know WWE and I know everything about the superstars or the storyline that will be happening. It's all about following the show and you'll get it.

I rather skipped classes to watch this. Someone might ask me about it I think.
" Mamat, if you know that your team is going to win, then why you watch it? "

Well, the answer is simple. Because you have no idea how much I wanted Trish Stratus to compete in WWE. And I have my opportunity to watch her again at Wrestlemania which is the biggest stage in the world sport entertainment history. Google it! :)

Sorry for the readers because I'm putting Trish like a subject like 24/7. That's my interest and if you have a problem with it. Well, I guess you just leave this page. I'm posting this entry because just want to get this match updated.

I have posted about they're going to have a match. So, it's just incomplete task if I'm not posting which team has won it. So, here I'm going to have a moving pictures just to make things perfect and clear so that you don't have to read my long babbling session.

Okay, let's start with the entrance of my team. :)

 Trish Stratus looks great as always.

All of them looked stunning and fabulous. I can see the energy and momentum are there to capitalize the match.

Trish performed a matrix where WWE Universe ( fans ) called that move as Ma-Trish. Is that cool?

John Morrison performed a Drop Kick to Ziggler. One of the best moves in the match.

A devastating Chick Kick performed by Trish is one of her finishing moves. It's awesome and ouchhh!

I never thought that Snooki can perform that Handspring Elbow very well. I shocked and said WOWW!

All the things have been explained on those pictures. I don't have to write more since it's good enough to get the match explained. One of the best match of the night. With the fans for over 71,000 are there to enjoy themselves at Wrestlemania to give the impact all the night and get astonished by the show.

By the way, Snooki got the third pinned for the winning. This is for sure my best match of the year. I hope Trish will stay at WWE for more matches. To see Trish competes in the ring makes me remember all the old stuff about her when I was in primary school. It's awesome.

Before I get this post ended, I just hope that you guys love this and enjoy every single think that I wrote. After this, no more Trish Stratus ( you CAN'T count on it ). HAHA. Well, I am not obsessed okay. I am just TOO obsessed!. Just kidding and you know I like to make jokes kan?

Well, I think that's it. I am enjoying myself. How do you think about that? Must be pretty cool and great. Isn't it? Goodbye and see you on the next post.

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