Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movies Are Sick!

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I don't know how to make an introduction for every post that I've posted. So does this post because I don't know what I want to have on it. But why I'm still writing when I don't even know how to make one? It is obviously because I love blogging so much that you can ever imagine. I'll try to improve and standardize my level to anyone out there who has fancy blogs.

I just watched a movie Diary of A Wimpy Kid at cinema. This movie has opened my eyes and taught me how better as brothers to keep staying and helping each other in any type of situations. First, I laughed every time I came to the funny scenes especially on those silly attitudes applied by them. Greg's funny and so does his brother, his mum and dad. I beg you to watch it because it's worthy to watch.

His mother would always be one of the funniest characters in this movie. I really enjoyed her skills and techniques. I was always looking to watch her scenes. I don't know which part of this picture because her mother danced twice. Once on the new registration of Greg scene and the other one on the last part of the movie which I think will bawl your eyes. HAHA

When her mother was dancing, the pop was just awesome. We laughed our asses out like hell. You have to watch it if you want to feel the satisfaction of it.

This part was when their family went to Holiday and left them at home so that they could be bond like really in a good relationship. His father forbade them to invite anyone especially on the weekend but his brother has planned something which I think a party or a college party. He locked Greg to the basement area and had it with his friends. " Rodrick Rules " on the door and the expression of his face stated the scene when their family has to go home a bit early because the other brother suffocated with fever.

These are my favorite scenes and trust me, there are lots of scenes that you will be amused just in case you want to watch it. Sometimes we as the younger brothers need to abide and tolerate with our brothers and doesn't matter how hard it is, they'll still be ours. There's nothing we could do to change or make the disappear in our lives.

I had fought with my brothers like a gazillion time. Sometimes when I came to the point of arguing  made me think that I should have known how to handle my own animosity and everything that will cause the relationship to be broken or scattered.

I even have made a status on Facebook like " My brother is a hypocrite, parasite and pathetic human being in this earth " I wrote it when I just had my broken leg and he was trying to make me upset. Well, I think I need to know to play up with my emotions. I still remember this status because I had planned to get it published before than ever.

That's it. See you soon.
It's enough for the facts. I can't think of it now.

The Countdown : 54 Days away.

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