Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Okay and Not That Crippled


Sorry because I haven't updated my blog. Don, who's my classmate told me that it has been over three days and I didn't get this updated. I never thought time has passed so fast. I'm really sorry. I mean it.Lately, I was busy with my studies and life are reasons for this.

I just watched a very own Dr Rozmey's movie so-called Dua Alam. Well, despite I heard lots of criticisms, honestly, it wasn't that bad. It's so informative for teenagers in this era as I'd see there were times, I want to slap the cockiness out of their mouths for saying vulgarities and acting like complete idiots. It helps you because when we hate something without no purpose, it actually brings us into perfection.

The Islamic messages are there, which something that you'd never regret watching. To be honest, it made me performed my Isya' prayer right away after the movie had just finished. See, how it gave me the real impact because I used to postpone my prayers. HAHA. Please don't follow my step. It's not something that can be followed.

Even my housemates didn't like it that much and that makes me feel like kinda excited to watch this attempt by Dr. Rozmey. For those people, if you have ample time or leisure day, I beg you to watch it. Take it as an amulet for your own good. Even the messages are not for the certain people, it includes all.

Confess? When I'd loved something, there were certain things that I hated too. The porn scenes are just too much. Please excuse me for a moment. Yea! I couldn't believe it. It's too much makes me feel like it shouldn't be watching by children. There are about 8-9 sex scenes and it's shown like real. I mean REAL!

Just because of the scenes, it flawed everything that has overcome the benefits of the story. In other hand I think, the last part when it said that this was based from the true story, I felt a little bit awesomeness of the movie and the rest were quite puzzled, anxious and sad. 

What I learn is that life is short. Once I seen the part where the dead body was being buried, prayed, or even brought to the yard, it made me think for a second. When my day comes, will I be ready? I think I'd gone too far. Yea! When your day comes, will you be ready? What? Just asking. Takut la tu.

Everybody's afraid of death! 

This is so true because that would probably be one of the reasons why we cry our asses off like hell. But, there are plenty of reasons next to this one. Just figure it, I don't want to because I don't ready to lose my relatives. I'm afraid how I'm going to embrace it without having that person forever.

But Allah gives something that He knows we can survive and embrace it at the first place. So, no matter how Allah still knows what's the best for our lives. When He's not approved that we asked for. It doesn't mean that our wishes are not granted. He plans the best for us in the future.

Amboii! That's enough. You might think how much of annoying I am.


The Countdown : 47 Days away.

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