Friday, June 24, 2011

They're Coming To Malaysia


This is just another lame post for you. 

I'm so sorry for behaving like this. I am too excited because two of my personal favorites are coming to Malaysia. John Morrison and Melina are their ways coming here. Let us go to Sunway Pyramid on this Saturday at 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to meet them. You have to go, people!

This is John Morrison. He's the former Intercontinental Champion and ECW Champion. I have one fitness magazine which he was on the cover. I want him to sign it no matter what. I want him to notice that I'm there when it takes place this Saturday. I will enjoy myself there like seriously!

And this is Melina. She's the former WWE Women's Champion and former WWE Divas Champion.She has held both Women's and Divas titles. Whoever wants to hug or kiss her, you better watch out because her fiancee is there as well. If you want your ass get kicked, try to seduce her!

This is probably the only chance you've got in your lifetime. I'm so going to meet Morrison and Melina. I will be updating about it soon after I go back.

Thanks to TV3 for making this event. What I've wished when I was in Form 2 was I want to go overseas to see the event of WWE. Maybe I can't but apart of that, this would be my first and last time to meet at least a potion of this huge company, WWE!

Just wait for another entry about this. I will take lots of pictures! I am amazed!

Salam and Goodnight.

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  1. hey dude, it would be great if you have tumblr.
    just sign in and post this stuff there.
    susah nak jumpe malaysian WWE fan -.-
    mine is

    dengar je JoMo datang malaysia excited gile, tapi sayang tak dapat pegi >:/ you lucky bastard! :)
    if you have youtube,add me there,i'm wrestling fan!
    keep in touch dude :D