Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello and Assalamualaikum.

Sorry for the late update and to be honest I have no reason for it. And again, it was Hudha's time told me it has been over three days I haven't updated my blog. Two people so far have given me cold shoulder. But that's not what I want to talk for this entry for sure. Let have this entry going, shall we?

Sometimes is defined like whenever needed ( this is my assumption, HAHA ) because I get to use sometimes whenever needed, is that make any meaning or something? And again, the definition isn't what I want to talk about. There are several things that I really want to set them straight.

You know what, guys? I am not like certain of you who're like the leaders of groups or teams that would be the perfect person to be praised and hailed. I used to see myself as a naive novice who's still learning to be the best. In case you didn't notice or in case you are not even noticed, we all are trying to be one. The chance is there, we just wait for the moves that will be taking by ourselves.

Why am I saying that way? Because I'm not the best. It's proven! I never be the best ( depends on some circumstances ) and if I'd  rather work for it, I'll get it. It's hard for somebody to be good on something. Let me give you example to look up to. See whether you can get me or not.

Anyone that is good in singing doesn't mean that he's good in acting.

So basically, the idea of it is that he might be beautiful on something but he's not all there. He'd be well-known or well-exposed in singing but he's crippled in acting. It same goes with someone who has got the natural beauty but she has such uncontrollable animosity. Understand for now?

What I try to indicate is whether how much you see perfection in Mamat, there are certain secrets ( well, not actually secrets but something you won't see or know about me even though you've known me like for your entire life ) that you will come to " disapproval behaviors of him ". We are human beings and we tend to make mistakes.

It's not so professional but I will tell you the SOMETIMES that entitled above. It makes me think what I should change it at the first place. Hey, humans tend to make mistakes! And I do believe that you mustn't have disapproved these kinds of sometimes.

There were times my friends vetoed my ideas when we were working together as group tasks.
There were times I saw my friends crying because how much they want something so badly.
There were times I want to slap the cockiness out of mouths out there for saying bad.
There were times I feel like home when I stay at my hostel with my housemates by my side.
There were times I cut the articles from library because I feel like interested to read them over again.

I know you might say that what is the relationship between " humans tend to make mistakes " and " feel like home at your hostel "? I beg you differ. Try to distinguish what's right and what's wrong.

You know, sometimes I do back stab my friends. What I meant is not that for stealing properties or losing the trust but it's more to talk back. I could simplify it and call myself as a coward. The irony is when I have put my hatred on somebody, when I come to having chit chat with that person, I feel like that one is the most coolest, understandable, distinctive person I've ever met. So, the hatred are negative thoughts are out to the inferior abyss.

I know it's kinda weird because I feel that way, it just gives me a slap in the face. I feel like holocaust about to happen and destroy all over the bad thing that I set on my mind to one. Sometimes even you've paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up, no matter how hard things are happened for you, there must be ways to overcome it.

Trish Stratus is on the picture! Naturally, it has to be Trish!

I need to satisfy whatever that I've done for my own good. For building up my confidence and trying to get a life. I used to say to everybody and asked them to find themselves a life. I think this time is my time now to find one life. Just be satisfied! Because Satisfaction ( or I like to say Stratusfaction ) is the surest way for me to become one of the best.

I think it's enough for me to talk. I could rather change everything that is not satisfied me.  Before I end up this post, I want to say that people tend to do mistakes. No regrets!

Good Night and Salam.
See you on the next post!

I think the countdown and the facts shouldn't be the matters. Just stay tuned for any information about that.

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