Saturday, June 4, 2011

Supposed To Be

Hello and Assalamulaikum.

This is just a quick update because I don't feel like blogging for now. There are couple of things I just want to let you guys now about me lately. Please be leaving if you're finding this is not your desired post or what you want to read. Thank you, people.

First, I have got my driving license. I kept it secret because I noticed lots friends of mine have owned it way earlier than me. So, I think there was nothing to be proud of instead I was the one who got it a little bit late. The feeling of getting the license was normal. I didn't feel like over-the-hill or whatsoever. I just want to share a thing with you guys. Listen for now, can't you?

The circuit test was quite simple because I knew I could pass it but the only thing I felt afraid was the hill part. I never failed of that during the training hours but just by looking for those who failed it made me shake off. I survived it, I swear the tester's looks was fierce and started to freak me out. The parking and another one were simple. Please don't fail the circuit because even my grandmother could survive it. Why can't you?

The road test was hell. To be honest, with the tester was sitting just next to me made me thought I could rather fail the test and have to retake it back. There was a time I thought I screwed up everything and that's it, I failed! He was mad at me for not using the right gear. I told him what I have been taught by my teacher for this area, this gear is what I supposed to be using and so on. He said...
" Saya tak kisah lah apa cikgu awak ajar, daripada siapa awak akan dapat lesen? " 
by marking 'X' in the box of ' Penguasaan gear yang lemah ' or something like that. I can't remember, what's the point of reminding it? Needless to say, I passed for both.

The second thing is, I just want to apologize if I have made things little messed up. It was not my intention to hurt your feelings. Besides, that confusion didn't relate to you at all. Please trust me. Why must have I done it twice? I don't want it to happen again. All I need from you is your trust and please don't ask anybody for that thing.

That's it. Thanks and Salam

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