Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be Hesitated

Salam people. Praised be to Allah we could still meet for this entry.

Do you ever feel hesitate? Of course you do because when any time we come of deciding something, there must be hesitation inside of us. Let us just face the fact that no matter how confident you want to have a try on something, we need to consider the problems that we'll face first. And when you are ready to go for it, the hesitation will block you. Then you will have to rethink back to make a move. Am I right?

I don't know how to advice or give my thoughts to someone so that the changes can be made by them. I'm always noticed it because I know who I am. I am not a good person or someone that you can look up to. I am just an ordinary person because I have mistakes and there are lots of problems I had in my pocket. So, if you ask me to help you, I will help depends on my will.

Look at my blog. I used to blog about myself. It includes about my life, my experiences, my world that I haven't finished exploring, my stories, my thoughts and it's obviously not giving advices. Have you ever seen me posting something to advice you guys? I guess I haven't posted it because I suck in giving it.

I know who I am. I don't want anybody comes to the point of judging me because of giving advices instead I am not perfect in their eyes. It's so plastic and hypocrite because you have to change yourself and your appearances first before you want to judge someone. Look at yourself first and if you find out that you are great enough to give advice or change anyone else, you'll have to do it. If you are just talking trash, please trash yourself first.

If you feel that cool in giving it, you are way over your head. It's not cool at all because you are imperfect and yet you want to get anyone perfect. It shows how pathetic and fake people you are. Please stop it because the only reason people will get sick of you just because how bad you have applied shit into your life. You look stupid and unreal. Stop it.

It seems like I am giving an advice, right? Please don't get me wrong. I am giving my thought and not advice. Am I mentioning the ways to overwhelm the problems? Am I asking you to change your life or appearances? Not at all. So, don't blame me.

I am saying this because I don't like it when you're giving me the advices instead I don't find any good role inside of you. You're just making me puke. Seriously I don't like it or better way to confess it, I HATE IT. Please stop it. See, how many time I have asked for your apology. It means so to me and yeah, please stop it. I hate it.

Salam and see you soon.
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