Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2011 Teacher's Day Wishing

Hello and Assalamualikum. Praise be to Allah we could meet for this entry.
First. See, I update my blog after 3 days clearly shows how good I am in keeping promises. What a big achievement so far done by me here in my blog. It keeps going on afterward, InsyaAllah. Let us have our entry going, shall we?
I know last day was a Teacher’s Day. As I down with nothing then I decided to send them a wishing message. Yeah, I wrote like usual I did. There’re formals, with no short-forms, and real talk. You know what I mean, right? And I got quite response from them.
For this entry, I would like to share what were the response as I ended my wishing with Entah ingat lagi ke tak siapa saya ni. HAHA. I will tell the response and to make it more rejoice, I will recall back and discuss a little bit my experiences or unforgettable moments with them during my school days.
What I’m going to write is 100% unchanged. I don’t add or cut any letters or punctuations or whatever. Exactly the same in my phone.
Madam Aida said “ Ingatla Mat. Hehe. 10q2”. When she taught me Biology, she was a miss and now she is a madam. Time flies, huh? I remembered Puan Aida told few friends of mine when we were sitting for Bahasa Inggeris paper. The directed writing is related to something about relationship or whatsoever and we were like “ Wei, mengeratkan silaturrahim apa dalam BI?”. Then we came to the point of asking her. She had given us the answer “Strengthen the bond”. And yeah, the paper had gone well. Thanks Madam Aida.
Puan Hasniza said “Mekasih.. Mestila ingat, mamat ensem la hehe.. Rakan blogger :-P”. She was my chemistry teacher. She was so kind and smart and funny and everything when she taught me. Even though I didn’t like chemistry, she was the reason I went to classes every time. I remembered one day when she got pissed off with us for playing too much and getting bad results. Owh, yeah! She loves to talk about foods with us especially with me. So, when she mad, everyone was quiet and shaken off because how drastically the situation when a kind turns to temper. After a nag, she said “ Tengok, dah lapar balik, baru je makan mee goreng dengan ayam” and we didn’t aspect that and laugh so hard. She’s funny. I love that moment, I really do.
Cik Raudah said “Ingtlh mamat. Semestinya u r 1 of my stdnt that I still remember. Tq mamat. How’s ur study?”. The conversations went pretty well after that. She was my former PSK teacher. My class would love to have her in the class. She wasn’t going to teach us civic but we asked her to teach us Additional Mathematics considered that she taught Add Math as well. For me who didn’t want to study both subjects. So, I talked to her about topics related to IPT. She had lots of experiences sharing with me though. All of us loved her because she’s in herself and she’s still young so it’s like easy going for her to understand her students.
Puan Raeshah said “ Tqvm mat. Ucapan je? Adiah mana?”. I know her since I was in form 1 because I was qualified and involved to be a librarian. She taught me exactly what supposed to be done in the library. You guys might think that taking care of library is an easy job but trust me. It’s a lot of hard compared to a normal prefect. Sometimes, you need to present on Saturdays to clean up library, arrange the books and etc. She understood me to say the least and everything I did, I got approved from her. She bought me a cake for my 18th Birthday. A chocolate cake and she sent it by herself to my home because I had a broken leg during that time. I celebrated it with my chocolate cake and a broken leg. How sweet?
Ustazah Sharifah Zuraihan said “terima kasih. Ingat lg sbb ada sorg je anak murid nama Rahmat setakat ni. Hehe”. She taught me PAI for my SPM years form 4 and form 5. She’s so cute and determined. Once she asked you to pass up the notes, you have to otherwise you will definitely get something from her. I remembered in her class when Irfan did…….. Opsss, It supposed to be another thing which I was just finished my diet and she asked somebody to rub the board. I was the one who sat in front ( I was always sat in front because I loved it ) and another Mamat ( We had two MAMATs during PAI classes ) said “Perghh.. Mamat dah kuruslah”. And Ustazah at the back looked front and said “Yelah. Patutlah Nampak hensem”. I was like so ashamed at that time. After the class had just finished, everyone asked me what I’ve done. Well, I guess I can proclaim myself as a hot stuff at that time. HAHA.
Puan Rasidah said “ Amboi.. Takkanlah cikgu dah lupa.. Tkasih atas ucapan.. Kan cikgu dah janji nak pegi wedding Rahmat nanti jika diizinkan Allah”. I totally forgot that we have made a promise that I will invite her in the first place during my wedding ceremony. And she couldn’t agree more and both of us agreed to have a VVIP place for her. For your little information, she is the Penolong Kanan in SMKIH and she was my BM teacher. Sometimes, it’s kinda funny when I think I was messaging with a ‘strong politician’ here in my former school. We kept in touch last year so frequently because she wasn’t that health. I kept messaging and reminding her to keep healthy and take the medicines so that she can attend to my wedding ceremony. She thanked me a lot and sometimes she informed me after had the medical check-up what the results were.
That’s it.  I think this is long enough for this entry. These response and tremendous moment I had are the unpredictable and unforgettable storylines. I won’t forget it because I know how much they meant to me. They had effected my whole life and changed me a lot as I’m standing here for who am I now. It’s such a mockery laugh in my face now.

There she is in the middle. Puan Aida was also my class teacher in 2009. ( Pn Syahida, Pn Nurfida, Pn Aida, Pn Azirah and Pn Khalizah ). See, I still remember their names. :')

And I took these pictures from Pn Syahida's album on FB. Thanks cikgu sebab bagi saya ambil. Thanks you so mucho.

The best Mathematics teacher I have ever had, Pn Wong. She's awesome with her skills and techniques. And my English teacher, Pn Yong. (Pn Wong Yen Peng, Pn Tan Pek Luan, Cik Siah Bee Fong, Pn Kwok Sau Yoon, Pn Yong Lai Chang, *cough*don't know*cough* and Miss Looi).

And don't forget my best history teacher for form 4 and form 5, Pn Sathia Subbarau. The yellow in saree. (Pn Gurcharan Kaur, Pn Sathia, *cough*don't know*cough*, and Pn Sathiavathi).

Happy Teacher’s Day and Thanks for being my teachers. I love you from the bottom of my heart. 

See you within 3 days and Salam. 

Trish Stratus’ Fact #2 : Trish has made more money compared to ALL THE DIVAS combined. 

The Countdown : 74 Days.

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