Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

I want to laugh out loud right now because someone sent me a message and said that I am not good in keeping any promises. Well dude, have a look at my very own post first. What did it say? So, I rest my case! It's clearly stated that for at least before the fifth day.

This is gonna be a short update. I love Vlog. The sad of me is that I don't know how to pronounce it right whether it is V-log or vlog. I preferred it as V-log. I watched lots of people vlog in youtube which I think it's so super duper fantastic. How easy you can be well-known just by V-logging?

Let me take one of my personal favorites, Anwar Hadi. He knows very well how to make such an impact video which gives thousands of people the inspirations. I really want to salute him if he's here in Malaysia. He's so popular and if you don't have any idea who he is, it's just a shame on you.

For me, he inspires me with his accent, the way he talks and everything. Watching his video like a gazillion time makes me feel like I have just lost a minute. I never get bored of watching his videos and I watched it over again by times. You have to watch it for your own sake. I bet you will like it as I do.

There are lots of Malaysian V-loggers in youtube. What makes me so heart-broken is when there's a young boy aged around 15-17 years old can V-log so damn well. It get me more pissed when he speaks English very well. I forgot what was the name of his account but you have to search for it and see how amazed you are. To get rid of my jealousy I put on him, I'd been a detective and found out all the details about him. He's from a rich family and even his brother aged 9 years old can speak even better. I need to change!

And I also found out another funny Malaysian V-logger which is a girl. Guess what? She's so cool and awesome. Once again, I forgot what was her account name. She made my life with her jokes. It's so hard to laugh when I come to hearing the English jokes but she made it. One of the comments that I remember is "Dato',you have a such crazy gf". Owh yeah, forgot to mention that she calls her boyfriend as Dato'. They're a cute couple.

There is also a V-logger who gets lots of negative thoughts from the people. When I mean negative, it really is. People will always boo us for not giving the best. And it makes me think do they even have the guts to make a video such them? Nahh, NO! So, you better to have a high rated video before even try to comment and unrated others' videos. See, I'm afraid to V-log now.


Thanks for reading my entry. See you soon. Salam.


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  1. Maria Elena is her name. am i right? she's awesome.

    and btw, you should watch Matluthfi's videos too. tapi, most of the videos, dia guna BM tapi idea dia sangat best! *im his die hard fan* lol

  2. Eimie, yeah! bru ingt.
    Ecah, wait, let me see first.