Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Gonna Live My Life

Hey and Assalamualaikum.

Do you know this song?

I'm tired of rumors starting
I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying
Say what they want about me.

Try to guess this song and I'll give you something. I'm serious and not bluffing about this.Shut up Mamat! Let us have this entry starting, shall we?

This is a thing that I need to mention so that you know a little bit about myself as Muhammad Rahmat Bin Mohd Hanaffi. Should I mention my name for this? Yes and it's awesome. Okay, first. I won't be singing if I go karaoke with my family. It's weird, isn't it? I hate when anyone gets to the point of judging me. I know that I am not that good in singing and that's why I don't go with them. Just follow will do.

The lyrics up there will represent the life that I'm applying now. I just put it so that you guys can guess it and it relates the way I provide informations about my transformations. What ' transformations ', Mamat? Well, I will tell you now.

Entry I'm Gonna Live My Life is about the transformations I will make in blog starting now. This is not going to take your time long, okay?

First, I will show the countdown every time I post something in my blog. You can see the countdown at the end of any entries. This countdown represents the date of AN EVENT I will be posting soon. I won't tell you now because it's not going to be a surprise then. Just wait and see for that day to come. Not trying to scare you or making you wonder. Just be patient and when that day comes, will you be ready? HAHA. I know you don't shake off.

Second, I will update my blog for every 3 consecutive days. I have promised to myself that I will do it. If you open my blog and yet there's no an updated post, it can be sure of these situations :-

1) I don't have any internet provider to update.
2) I have promised another thing that stated I will update before the fifth day.
3) HAHAHAHA.. =D ( Number 3 is non-existed ).

Last one, I will tell you the facts of Trish Stratus.It's gonna be the shortest facts you've ever seen in your life. And you're gonna love them. Woah, Mamat is being self-professed! And again! Why Mamat is getting boring? Well, I don't have any specific ideas about it.

I think the hatreds don't happen because I am the one who's going to write or type or even think about something to be told with all of my readers. All you guys have to do is read it. It might be matter for you if you can't read or you don't know how to read. So, please! Do not hate my blog.

Goodnight and Salam.

Trish Stratus' Fact #1 : Trish's real name is Patricia Anne Stratigias.
The countdown : 77 Days away.


  1. aku tak faham tentang countdown itu.

  2. soon you will know ecah. just wait and see.