Friday, May 6, 2011

Trust Yourself

Hello and Assalamualaikum.

First thing first, my blog has set a new record setting 189 views for only a day for this entry. Thanks for anyone out there for viewing it. It makes me more confidence to share anything with you guys and whatnot. So, without further do, let us get this entry starting, shall we?

There's something needs to be enlightened for all of us. That's why I came to decision to have an entry entitled trust yourself. This entry has nothing to do with you guys at all. It's just for our own realization and something that we have to look after in our lives.

We act as human beings in this world to be the best among the best. But unfortunately some of us are not that lucky. But hey, it's not our fault because our lives have been destined by Allah SWT. The way to overwhelm it is by praying and asking for our lives' sake. Believe me that He will always be there for us no matter what, anyhow or anywhere.

Confusion makes us chaos. If you are confused how you have got into a trouble or whatsoever, bear in mind that the confusions made by yourself can't be solved by anyone except you. If you decide to let anyone to solve it, it makes a lot of confusions come to him. Let me put it this way, if you ask me to solve it, there are things I need to face first. Examples, I need to listen what you stories are, I need to find the solutions and etc.

Besides it, never try to get involved in anybody's personal life. It's so unprofessional for someone to get involved which basically not a good thing at all. For me, as a viewer or much as a stalker, I hate to see anyone does this unprofessional thingy. If someone chooses to be bad, let it be. And why are you playing your role as a chump to get involved with it? It would be much appreciated if you let them know how to have the right way back and not to criticize or badmouth them. Is that professional for your point of origin?

I'd prefer if you're a hypocrite. All of us are hypocrite. Mark my words people " All Of Us ", so you don't have to attack me for saying that myself claiming you as a hypocrite. To profess, I am a hypocrite because i like to pretend or lie about something to my friends where I came to realize that not all of my business have to be shared or complaining with them. Yes, it makes me to be a hypocrite. I beg you differ it. Do you?

It's so hard to have narrow minded people around us. Please be informed that these people have their own way to ruin our lives. They had own specialties like tongued-twisted and etc. I mean look at yourself, around you. Did you feel you are that safe enough to pursue whatever you wanted in your life? They can take anything from you just like a nick of time. As result, you'll be regretting. And you're regretting for what?

To be with somebody which you think she/he is so bonded with you. This is a special case because TRUST is not just can be explained by spelling or pronouncing. I have learned a lesson and it took me time to think about it. Most of us must be thinking to have a bond with anyone that we can trust so that stories or problems can be shared with. But when secrets start getting broken, you start questioning your trust. Remember one thing, trust is like a paper. Once it's crumpled, you can't fix it to be exact again. Don't you think the same way too?

This is the first time I had the chance to confess what stuck in my life. It's hard to make a confession if you're not prepaid well and had no points to support your facts. If you don't satisfy with this post. Let me know. I will provide you with more points.

See you on the next entry. Salam.


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