Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Result #2

Assalamualikum and Hello there. Well, you have just placed your filthy eyes here to read my blog and I so like it. Without you guys, Mamat-Trish would be nothing and not to forget to my non-Malaysian viewers. Thank you so much.

It has been 3 days, right? Before I get this entry started, let us have a sneak peak of my last post entitled Result. That post was my previous semester result. For this post, the same subject is what I'm gonna to be sharing. As if you find this is not your desired post or what you're not willing to read, please leave it. Thanks!

Come to your imagination first. People, if you really want to feel it, close your eyes while you're reading. Hah! Okay, let me begin my post. I slept right after I performed my Maghrib prayer ( Well, not actually right after but soon I've taken my dinner. HAHA ). Then, I realized that the result might be revealed considered it's one in the morning.

When my Facebook was ajar, an IM was popping out from my page came from a friend of mine asked for my result. I didn't know the results can be showing at that time. It can be viewed at Student Portal UiTM is what I've been told. I was so nervous and my hand was shivering like really damn shivering. What am I saying? HAHA.

Once I opened the result, it's clearly stated that I've got 3.** and I was crying like a baby. I lied about that, seriously. HAHA. I told myself and promised not to scream, jump, laugh and whatthehell rules. But unfortunately I've broken all the rules and set myself free like a bird flying in the sky bla bla bla bla even though I was that close to dean list bla bla bla bla...... I think the ADRENALINE will definitely drag us when we are happy, don't you think? HAHA.

I went to Mak's room. Once I switched on the light, Mak opened her eyes and I kissed her cheek so hard. She was asking why and I dragged her out to see my result. At last, I got a kiss from her too. What I think so made me happy was a smile on her face, a big smile on my face. You must know right how it feels like when your Mak smiles for your achievements.

I praised to Allah because once again He gave me the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of what I've done. Some of my friends told me that the successful is from Allah. No matter how hard or even smart you have studied and Allah doesn't approve it, you still can't get it. So, I am still one of those lucky persons to feel satisfied by Allah's gift and I am afraid if Allah takes back this golden goose from me. I still have to learn more and pray so that I can keep on or improve my result for the upcoming semesters.

And by the way, everyone asked me the grades for all  the subjects I've taken for semester 2. I have got 4A's 3B's. Again, I owned English and scored an A for it. I think all the novels, journals, movies, MTV songs and everything helped me improving English. It helps me forever! And friends who will always say I'm good in English, you're my inspirations actually. It makes me more love to learn and put the confidence inside of me. Thank You!

For all my friends, your achievements whether it's bad or good are not yours because it's Allah's. Just be proud of yourself and try your best for the next time. Let us share together the enjoyments and satisfactions for our results. May we be blessed by Allah forever in this world and Hereafter.

Apa yang aku dah buat? Pertama, Nazar. Kita kalau nak kan sesuatu janganlah lupa nak bernazar. Cuba jangan kedekut sangat dan rasa payah nak lakukan kebaikan yang akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang bermakna dalam hidup kita. Allah itu tuhan kita, yang menciptakan kita. Jangan sombong, sembahyang mesti kena cukup. Kalau kita tak sembahyang, bila kita akan ada kesempatan nak berdoa? Dan bila kita ada kesempatan nak bernazar? Kedua, hati kena ikhlas kawan-kawan. Tawakal itu amat penting. Berserah saja kepada Allah dan biarkan Dia yang memutuskan segalanya.

I wish there are ways of showing my gratitude for all You've done for me, Ya Allah.
Alhamdulillah and see you on next entry. Salam

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